What We Learned This Weekend...November 20/21, 2010

Critter Cove and Short Boarders
(Birth - Kindergarten)

Elijah and the Widow * 1 Kings 17:7-6
God tells a woman to help Elijah. She gives him her last bit of bread to eat. God takes care of Elijah, the woman, and her son by refilling her jars of oil and flour.

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Beach House
(Grades 1 - 6)

Uniqueness is learning more about others so you can know more about yourself. Okay, so let’s compare ourselves to John, the one known as the Baptizer. Scripture makes a point of pointing out his peculiarities: he ate locusts, and he wore camel’s hair. (Not the finely woven stuff that adorned the members of the king’s court, but the coarse, hairy—and surely itchy—mantle worn by the prophets of old.) He called the multitudes a “brood of vipers” and called Herod out for his sinful ways. He preached about the coming judgment, the need for repentance, and the coming of the Savior. He may have been off-putting to some, yet people came in droves to hear him. Jesus called John the greatest of all the prophets. Which goes to show that God (the Father of uniqueness) can, and will, use anybody He wishes to share His message. So today, help kids discover some people in their lives whom God may be using to send them “messages.” Likewise, who listens to THEM? Who does their uniqueness help them relate to? Like John, God wants to use their uniqueness to communicate His message with others. What are they “telling” others about God with their words and actions?

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