What We Learned About This Weekend...July 3/4, 2010

Early Childhood
(Birth - Kindergarten)

Basic Truth: God loves me.
Key Question: What does God want you to do?
Bottom Line: God wants me to do the right thing!
Memory Verse: “Learn to do what is right" - Isaiah 1:17 (NIrV)
This week we talked about how Joseph did what was right in Genesis 37:12-28; 41:41-56.  Joseph was thrown in a well and given to strangers by his big brothers, but he still chose to follow God and do the right thing.  Because of this, he ended up in charge of all the country's food.  
Beach House
(Grades 1 - 6)
Virtue: Service - Lending a hand to help someone else. 
Memory Verse: “Serve wholeheartedly, as if you were serving the Lord, not man." - Ephesians 6:7 (NIV)
Bible Story: Roadwork (Matthew 5:41)
Bottom Line: What in the world are you doing that's more than you have to do?
The first week of this month, we are going to look at a passage in scripture where Jesus taught a powerful principle to a group of people living under Roman authority. He said if someone comes to you and asks you to take their goods for a mile, go another mile. This was so significant because there happened to be a law in the Roman government that essentially said: “If a soldier asks you to carry their goods for a mile, you are required to carry their goods.” In other words, that was what was expected. That was what was required. But Jesus took it further. Jesus said to the group of people that day, if someone asks you to carry their goods for one mile, go two miles. Go above and beyond what is expected.  Our tagline is going to be: “What in the world are you doing that’s more than you have to do?” Are you willing to walk the extra mile? Are you willing to do something above and beyond what is expected? It is in doing more than you have to do that God changes you. It’s in going the extra mile that God opens the door relationally between you and other people.