What We Learned About This Weekend...April 9/10, 2011

Critter Cove and Short Boarders
Birth - Kindergarten

Jesus met His disciples on the top of a tall mountain and told them to go and make disciples of all nations. Jesus loves us SO much that He is always with us. Now, that is a great friend! As you drive to different places ask your child, "Is Jesus with us at the grocery store?" Then answer as an example to them, "Yes, Jesus is always with me." Then ask, "Is Jesus with us at the gas station?" And answer, "Yes, Jesus is always with me." Continue saying this everywhere you go this month.

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Beach House
Grades 1 - 6

This month we’re talking about humility, which is putting others first by giving up what you think you deserve. All month we’re taking a look at how Jesus showed humility, particularly through the events of the “Easter story.” Jesus consistently put His Father’s will—and us—first, before His own needs, perhaps no more clearly than when He prayed in the garden before His arrest. It can be easy for longtime believers to “forget” what Jesus actually prayed in that garden. He wasn’t looking forward to what was coming. He wanted out; He wanted God to offer us salvation in some other way. Scripture indicates He prayed about it a long time, wrestling His own desire into submission to His Father’s plan. Luke 22:43 says an angel appeared and gave Him strength. If Jesus, who was both God and man, had to wrestle His human side into submission, then there will certainly be times when we’ll need God’s help to put others first. Today, help kids think about what it means to put God first and what that can reveal about God to others.

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