What We Learned About This Weekend

Critter Cove and Short Boarders
Birth - Kindergarten

God made the sea animals, birds, and land animals. Cuddle up with your child and pray with him: "Dear God, thank You for making SO many wonderful things. Thank You for the trees and birds and the sun and the food we eat. Thank You for making EVERYTHING! But most of all God, thank You for making [name of child]. I am so glad You made him for me to love. Amen."

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Beach House
Grades 1 - 6

This weekend wraps up forgiveness—(1) deciding that someone who has wronged you doesn’t have to pay. We’re capping the month off with something else Jesus said about forgiveness: Go first. If you’ve done something to someone, go first to that person to make your apologies, even before bringing a gift to God. If someone has done something to you, go first—take the first step toward forgiveness. If you’re both at fault, it doesn’t matter. Go first. Don’t wait to start making things right with others. (2) In essence, Jesus was saying giving to God (of our money, of our praise, of how we live) is so important that we can’t let wrong relationships mess it up. God would rather us put a temporary hold on our giving to Him in order to go make things right with someone else. Forgiveness is what Jesus died for, after all—our forgiveness. (3) So this week, focus on helping kids see how important it is to go first—to be the first to forgive or say you’re sorry. (4) When they do, not only will it strengthen their relationships with others, it’ll strengthen their relationship with their heavenly Father.

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