Three Kids Accepted Christ this Weekend

I always love to share good stories and this is one of them.
A couple of weeks ago we had AMPED at Beach House.  During that AMPED we laid out how kids can become world changers by committing to following Jesus with their lives.  One of the things that we do with this time is talk with kids one-on-one for those that have questions or want to know more about how to do this.  After that time if kids want to take that next step we connect with their parents so that they can do this together as a family.
We had three kids a few weeks ago at AMPED that wanted to do this after service but didn't have time to meet with us.  So they went home with their parents and they talked about it as a family with some of the tools and resources that we provide here at HDC Kids.  Well this weekend these kids came back with their parents and all three of them got to accept Christ as their Savior, being led to Christ by not only one of our coordinators but their parents as well!  
At HDC Kids we desperately want to partner with parents in preparing their children to change their worlds for Christ.  I want to think our entire Kids Staff and volunteers who bend over backwards to make this happen each week. You are making such a huge difference and it shows!
Click here to get more details about how you can lead your children to Christ at home.
As always, please feel free to contact us (760-245-2415) if there is anything that we can do to help you with the most important job in the world; being a parent.  We are here to help you!