Something I Wish Every Mother Knew & Understood

Came across this great post from Perry Noble about the imortant role moms play in their kids life. Here's a peek:


You don’t see it now…but you are!!!

Every conversation

Every correction

Every single one!

There are days that you sit and wonder “why do I try so hard?”

But deep in your heart you know the answer…because God entrusted you with this child (or these children!)

I am 41 years old and only knew my mother for 12 years (she passed away from cancer in November 1982)

And yet I am IMPACTED by her life even to this very day.

I remember her laughing.

I remember the times we spent together.

I remember the times we rode down the road in the car…and even though we didn’t say anything to each other I thought she was the coolest woman in the world.

Now I never told her that…but it was true then and it is true today!

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