Help Your Kids Be Faith Heroes

Children’s heroes can be fictional or real, from cartoon and movie characters to pop singers and fire fighters. The Bible is filled with faith heroes whom God used to fulfill his plan of salvation. But not all of these heroes were adults. David, a shepherd boy, defeated the giant Goliath, and Mary was a teenager who gave birth to our Savior. God doesn’t put an age limit on being a faith hero. Kids of all ages are doing—and can do—mighty things for God’s kingdom.

Sometimes children have trouble thinking of people in the Bible as anything more than fictional. They may show more interest in celebrities or athletes and strive to be like them. So it’s important to help children put themselves in biblical people’s shoes. Together, explore their lives and times, consider their fears and emotions, and try to get inside their skin. Ask children how they would feel and react in similar situations. This is a great way for kids to apply the Bible to their lives—and to show them that as Christians, they themselves figure in the great history God is writing. Read on for more tips about raising young faith heroes.