Hang Ten Groups Have Launched!

Our kick-off of Hang Ten Groups (small groups for kids) this weekend was a HUGE success! So far we have over 400 elementary-aged kids in a group across both of our campuses. Our sElementary Staff did a phenomenal job organizing our leaders and kids to kick things off right. We've got an amazing care structure in place that actually has key volunteers caring for other volunteers as they care for kids and families. Our Hang Ten leaders did a great job of getting to know the kids in their group and even introducing themselves to their kids' parents. This is a giant step forward in our programming at Beach House. 

We are growing both larger (we had 800 or so kids just in Elementary this past weekend) 

and smaller (we have one leader caring for 8-10 kids per group) at the same time. 

I was at every service this weekend and there wasn't a moment where either a child, parent, volunteer, or HDC staffer wasn't going out of their way to tell me how stoked they were that our Children's Ministry was making this change. We are truly making progress in our mission to "Partner with parents in preparing their kids to change their world for Christ." Thank you to all of you who worked so very hard to make this happen. Great things are ahead!