Wow, what an impacting quote!

Have you ever noticed that we talk to ourselves a lot? We talk to ourselves not necessarily out loud, but in our head. From this fact comes the famous quote "You are your own worst enemy." Well, did you know that the way we talk to our kiddos effects the way they talk to themselves? Author Tom Ferry wrote the following in one of his recent articles, "The need for approval has been conditioned in us from the day we were born. Approval from others gives us a sense of higher self-esteem. We're convinced that their recognition matters to our self worth and how deeply we value ourselves." Our kiddos are in no way immune to this condition that you and I were born into. This week, as you interact with your kids, pay attention to how they are contagiously affected by the way you talk to them. Be very careful with the quiet complaints that can slip out of our mouths and hurt our kids so easily. Affirm them as much as possible for the positive things that they do. Who knows, the next generation of kids could be one that is confident in their own self worth but yet humble at the same time.