Why Shining Jesus is Better Than Broadcasting Him

Came across this great post on how to share your faith better. Here's a clip:

Lately I’ve realized the people who have had the greatest influence on my life have been those who let Jesus shine through them rather than religion (or a cause) paint over them.

Often, when trying on an identity, we paint ourselves over with a cause.

Even the cause of Christ.

Sometimes when I meet a person who is a walking talking press release for Jesus, everything in me wants to get away. There’s just something unnatural about the interaction. It’s like Jesus is their political candidate or a product, and they are trying to sell Him.

And yet the people I find most inspiring are very close to this, but the difference couldn’t be more stark. Instead of becoming a sandwich board for a cause, these people become more themselves. Their relationship with Jesus has set them free. They aren’t selling Him at all, they’re just crazy about Him and the life He’s given them.

To me, the difference is between shining or broadcasting.

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