When an EX Comes Knocking on Social Media

Came across this great post on exes and social media. Here's a clip:

If you’re married, imagine this scenario. You’re sitting at lunch by yourself and that notorious little red dot, a Facebook notification, pops up on your phone. It’s a friend request…from an EX boyfriend or girlfriend. Before you can blink, your mind is racing.

For some, this moment might be an eruption of fear or anxiety because you know the wrath of your spouse will ruin the day, week, month or your marriage if you’re transparent, sharing that an EX came knocking on the door of social media. But for others, they might not think twice about it and accept the friend request without blinking an eye.

I reached out to 20 individuals and couples, ranging in ages of 20 – 50 to get their one sentence response to, “What should you do if an old boyfriend or girlfriend contacted you through social media?

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