5 Social Media Sites Parents Should Know About

Came across this post about 5 sites every parent should know about. Here's a clip:

“Knock, knock…” No, it’s not a joke, it’s the way my social media worked when I was a kid!

Someone either knocked on the door or rang the door bell. Neither is the case these days. Our kids flock to social media sites to stay connected, build community, hang out and find out what’s going on in their world.

I have taken a few surveys, asked a few questions, and did a little poking around to see what and where our kids have landed with their social media. Please understand that this post is not meant to alarm or scare any parent into locking down their child’s phone, tablet or computer. There’s a difference between being aware and being worried. I want you to be aware.

When I speak on the topic of Faith and the Modern Family I often get asked this question. “Are most social media apps bad for our kids? My answer is no. That being said, here is another question to consider. Are there some social media apps that seem to draw a more inappropriate crowd discussing or soliciting inappropriate behavior and topics? The answer is yes. And, that’s what I want us to be aware of.

5 Social Media Sites Parents Should Know About (Alphabetically)

1. AskFM

A social site/app where anyone can ask anything they want or, answer anything they want, and remain anonymous.

The equation of a “child + asking whatever they want + wanting to remain anonymous = dangerous (My math). Questions can range from something bland and simple like, “What’s you favorite class?” And, “What’s your favorite color?” To, “Will anyone pose naked for me?” AskFM seems to be attracting more inappropriate behavior than appropriate and a site that should be on our radar as parents.

2. Imgur

A platform for uploading and commenting on memes. What’s a “meme?” A meme is picture, phrase or piece of pop culture which is often edited or commented on to be funny. In Imgur’s world once an image is uploaded users take their best shot at writing a funny comment for the image. The community either votes those comments up or down.

In my opinion most users are “lookers” and not posters of the memes. However, that doesn’t stop the inappropriate pictures or comments from making their rounds on the site.

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