5 Parenting Principles

Came across this great post on 5 parenting principles every parent needs to succeed. Here's a clip:

Here’s a few things we know will always be true about you as a parent:

You will get tired.
You will struggle with what you should do in a number of situations.
Your kids will not always behave exactly the way you want.
You will stay awake sometimes, worrying about them.
You will wonder, more than you should, if you’re a good parent.

But we think there are five principles that will help you as a parent navigate through a variety of different seasons. And that if you begin to instill them into your parenting, your relationship with your children, and with the other people they need in their lives, will move in a better direction to parent beyond your own capacity.

We want to invite you to engage your family in a bigger story, a story that will expand their perspectives and reveal a significant role in this world. It’s a story that involves more than just your family; it involves other influences who are on a journey to discover who God is and why a relationship with Him really matters.
We want to encourage you to establish a lifestyle as a parent where you …

1. Widen the Circle

Invite others to invest in your children, so your sons and daughters have other voices that will help shape and determine the direction of their lives.

2. Imagine the End

Focus your energy and effort on the issues that will make a lasting impact.

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