10 Strategies For Raising Healthy Kids That Most Parents Ignore

Do you ever have those days where you feel like, "Geez I hope my actions didn't mess up my kids?"  Or do you ever have those days where you see another family and their kids, who are your kids age, playing and getting along?  There are many times when I reflect and think about how I am doing raising my kids.  Mindy, my wife, and I are constantly talking about how we are doing raising our kids.  I believe it is healthy to stop, pause and reflect on how you are doing as a parent.  I think where most parents get caught up is not letting God help you in parenting.  We tell ourselves, "God I need help in my life, I want you to make me a better person, but this parenting thing… well I got this."  God does want us to take care of the kids he has given us, but he doesn't want you to do it alone.  He wants to be right there next to you, making decisions with you.  God wants you to utilize Him all the time, not just when you are in a rut.  Here is an article by Tony Morgan who talks about a book he read that gives 10 strategies for raising healthy kids.  Click here to read.