Why I Baptized My Daughter…Again

Found this great post on kids and baptism. Here's a clip:

If you know me at all you might think of me as the “milestones” guy. I have written two books on the milestones strategy for spiritual formation in the church and home; one for parents called “The Legacy Path” and one for ministry leaders called “Shift”. You can learn more about milestones athttp://legacymilestones.com.

The strategy gives parents a road map or path for leading their children spiritually composed of seven milestones. The second milestone is salvation and baptism. Often you will read or hear me say, “between the ages of 7-13 we believe children reach a place where they are able to make an authentic confession of their belief in Jesus Christ as Lord for the forgiveness of sins.” This is true, but not for everyone.

When Hailey was seven her mother and I shared our personal gospel stories with her as we spent some time in the park one day. After years of faith talks and God moments and after hearing our stories, Hailey prayed to receive Christ and I baptized her some weeks later. We celebrated and continued to lead her forward in her spiritual journey.

Fast forward seven years. My seven year old grew into an amazing, beautiful, fourteen year old woman with her own thoughts, feelings, difficulties, and life in Christ. After a very moving and compelling preaching of the gospel during a spiritual emphasis week at her school Hailey came to me with tears in her eyes. “Dad, I want to be baptized.” My first thought was, “baby, you already have been. You’re good.” I didn’t say it. Instead I listened. “Dad, the first time I was baptized I think I did it for you and Mom.” “Now, I am doing it for me because of what Jesus did for me.”

It was different this time. There were no questions geared to a seven year old like, “What is sin?” Instead she blurted out her need for the Savior and her desire to show allegiance to the King. All I could say was, “I love you and I love that you want to give your life to Jesus.” One week later I baptized my 14 year old… again.

There are a few things we need to consider as parents and as pastors when leading children to Christ.

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