1 Simple Way to Get Your Kids to Love Bible Study

Came across this great post on how to help kids love Bible study. Here's a clip:

Do you struggle with getting your kids to pay attention in family devotions? Try leveraging their natural propensity for play.

When I first started trying to lead a family devotional with small kids, I made a crucial error.

I spent all my time working hard to get my kids to sit still, pay attention, keep hands to themselves, and not spill the hot cocoa I’d foolishly hoped would satisfy them. The results were unimpressive.


If you’re a parent, maybe you’ve made the same mistake I made. My error was a basic assumption: I was unconsciously putting all my effort into managing their childish behavior.

Here’s the nuance: You and I are right to strive for everything I listed above and more. It is our job to help mature, train up, correct, and discipline our children. But we would all agree that this can be done too quickly or too harshly. There are times to correct and train our kids, but there are also times to leverage their behavioral ways.

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