Stop Having an Affair with Your Smartphone


Came across this great post on how to recognize if you're on your phone too much. Here's a clip:

Do you sleep with your smartphone? (Or iPad?)

Is the last thing you do before bed to check email or your social networks?

Have you considered that you might be having an affair… with your phone?

Do You Love Your Phone Too Much?

When Steve Jobs was inspiring the team that created the iPhone, he told them to, “create a device that people would love so much, they’d never leave the house without it.”

Well, it’s ironic how prophetic those words turned out to be.

I’ll bet you take your phone everywhere. To work, to play, to the bathroom, and yes, even to bed.

However, has your phone taken over your life?

Interrupting you? Dominating your attention? Basically, ruling your life?

“If you want work-life balance, stop having an affair with your smartphone.”

Do you rule your phone or does it rule you?

Are You Having an Affair With Your Smartphone?

Your phone is there for your convenience.

Don’t let it take over your life. Don’t let it run your life.

Don’t let it ruin the relationships with those that you truly care about.

Here are 5 Signs You May Be Having a an Affair With Your Smartphone:

  1. Taking Your Phone/iPad to Bed – When you get into bed, does your smartphone join you? Is it the last “person” that you talk to before going to bed?
  2. Checking Email Before Bed – Do you check email or Facebook before going to bed? And then again in the morning before getting up?

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