Kids are Moving up a Grade at Victorville THIS Weekend


Elevate weekend is THIS weekend, June 1 & 2.  This means your child will be promoting to the new grade that they will be attending in the fall.

If your child is going into 1st through 6th grade in the fall, their check-in will be at the kiosks in the lobby of the Gym building.  You can attend a preview service on

Those children entering 7th grade in the fall, will now attend JRH, our Jr. High program, that is offered in the Chapel during the Saturday evening service at 6 pm and during the 11 am service on Sunday.

We realize not all children will be out of school and promoted to their new grades as of that weekend, but due to summer activities at HDC this is the weekend we promote your child. Please talk with your child and get them ready for the move. Let them realize their friends will be moving with them.

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