How to Get Your Kids to Talk to You


Came across a great post on how to get your kids to talk to you. Here's a clip: 

I’m a very verbal person, often needing to speak a few thousand words to ever get to my original point. My proneness to being verbal, has also helped me immensely as a parent. As a parent, it’s always a challenge to get your kids to talk with you. Parents of younger kids will think, “What? I can’t get my 1st grader to stop talking!”, but I’m talking about real-life conversations about important things. Do you give your kids the opportunity to have conversations with you?

Here are 3 fool-proof ways to create an atmosphere of words in your home

Set aside a time each day that conversation can actually take place. For the Cliff family this is dinner time, yes we still sit together and eat dinner, and bedtime. At those times, we force our lives to slow down or stop altogether, so that we can talk. The dinner conversations are family conversations, and the bedtime conversations are more personal in nature. This is a rhythm our family already has in place, and it’s easy to make it our word friendly moments.

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