What Your Kids Learned This Weekend (Mar 30/31)


Birth - Kindergarten

Our Bible story this week was in Matthew 26:26-29; 28:1-7; Luke 23:44-49. Jesus lays His life down for a friend—all mankind. He paid the penalty for all sin through His death and rose again on the third day. Jesus is alive today and wants to be our friend forever. Our memory verse for the month is “…I am with you always...” - Matthew 28:20 (NIV)


Grades 1 - 6

Jesus made some incredible statements about Himself, so incredible that some people had trouble believing everything He said (John 18-20). But when Jesus came back to life all the incredible things He said came true! Our Bottom Line is: when Jesus came back from the dead, it proved what He said was true. Our memory verse for the month is: “Whoever fears the Lord walks uprightly...” – Romans 14:19a (NIV)