How to Make a Memory

Came across this great post on how to make memories with your family. Here's a clip:


Last week we celebrated Thanksgiving here in the United States. I hope yours was warm and filled with love for family and friends. Margaret and I spent Thanksgiving weekend in New York City with our kids and grandkids, and it was a wonderful experience filled with good memories.

With every experience, we make memories. But I believe that by being highly intentional, we can create opportunities for deep, meaningful memories of connection and love. Here are the elements we need to make memories that we will be able to look back on fondly for years to come:

1. Initiative: Make Something Happen.
Our visit to New York on Thanksgiving weekend didn’t just happen. Margaret and I decided to plan the trip months ago. And we invited the kids and grandkids as soon as we decided to go. The first step in creating a memorable experience is the decision to do it. Start by deciding to lead your life, rather than just letting it lead you. Be intentional about creating memories.

2. Time: Set Aside Time to Make It Happen.
We all have busy schedules, and it’s easy for time with family and friends to fall by the wayside. The way I avoid that is to schedule that time first. When we decided to go to New York, we put it on the calendar, with the understanding that nothing else would interfere with our family time together. Don’t let your calendar rule you. Remember that “quality time” comes out of “quantity time.”

3. Planning: Plan For Something to Happen.
Soon after we decided to go, the planning began. Again, we knew that it wouldn’t just happen. My assistant Linda worked hard to help us with travel, lodging, and touristy activities. Of course, some favorite memories may come from spontaneous events or even mishaps, but by planning ahead you’ll be opening up the opportunities for memorable moments.

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