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Spiritual Emphasis Week continues, Oikos Training continues and 2nd Milk

Pray for the college chapel services:  Tim will be teaching the first hour on Sacrifice and Matt will be teaching the second hour on Humility.   


Pray for our ministry to the local children at the Academy. Today we will be inviting these kids to start a relationship with God. Please pray today that children might come to know Jesus Christ and place their hope in Him and that we can build bridges to connect them to local Malawians who can help them grow.  

Pray for Tim who will present the Oikos material to the students today. Pray that he can communicate clearly the value and power of oikocentric living to the students. 


Pray for our trip out to 2nd Milk. This ministry works in Malawi, Africa today to eradicate the issue of infant mortality with babies born as orphans. We will come alongside of these believers as they provide needy babies formula and nutrition until 2 years old.