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Pray for Malawi | Day 3

Three Big Events

• Spiritual Emphasis Week at the African Bible College continues
  - Kurt and Tim teaching 6 messages from the book of Acts
  - Kurt and Tim teaching the Oikos Seminar to college Seniors and graduates.

• VBS / Sports Camp at the African Bible College continues
• Prison Ministry

1)  Pray for the college chapel services:  Tim and Kurt teaching from the book of Acts and both engaged with training ABC seniors about the vital importance of Oikos.

2)  Pray for our ministry to local children coming from surrounding areas to attend a VBS / Sports camp. Today we will be inviting these kids to start a relationship with God. Please pray today that children might come to know Jesus Christ and place their hope in Him and that we can build bridges to connect them to local Malawians who can help them grow.  

3)  Pray for our trip out to Maula Prison: When Maula prison was first constructed more than 50 years ago, the facility was designed to hold just 800 inmates (both men and women). But in the years since then, the prison population has exploded. Today, Maula houses 2,650 inmates — many of them migrants, detained in harsh and unsanitary conditions. Please pray as our HDC ladies ministers to the women’s section and our men serve on the men’s section of the prison. We will be sharing our testimonies, teaching and worshipping with the inmates and also providing important medical and health supplies as well.