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Pray for Malawi | Day 1

Two Big Events

• Spiritual Emphasis Week at the African Bible College
    - Kurt and Tim teaching 6 messages from the book of Acts
    - Kurt and Tim teaching the Oikos Seminar to college Seniors and graduates.
• VBS / Sports Camp at the African Bible College

1) Pray for the college chapel services: Tim and Kurt teaching from the book of Acts and both engaged with training 100 ABC seniors about the vital importance of Oikos.

2) Pray for our ministry to local children coming from surrounding areas to attend a VBS / Sports camp.   

At this camp, we will be providing sports training, craft times, refreshments and a teaching moment where we will be sharing the gospel. Please pray for our HDC team who is leading this event, that God provides good communication with local Malawians as we organize and implement this event.