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Live Love and beyond

What an amazing day! After another great chapel time with the college students, our teams spread out across the campus teaching children at the Academy, working in the medical center, building a new library and teaching an Oikos Seminar.

In the afternoon we headed out to Live Love ministry about 30 minutes away from the college. When we drove up we were greeted by well hundreds of people. Our medical team of LeAyn, Sharon, Mary and Megan spent 5 hours caring for over 225 patients, dealing mostly with malaria cases and families. Wendi, Matt, Scott and Kurt used those same 5 hours visiting the homes of 10 widows, encouraging them with prayers, songs, conversation and also with gifts of blankets, food and mosquito nets. The last group of Alisha, Alyssa, Brandon and Eric were crazy busy with hundreds of kids playing soccer, painting faces, playing games and sharing Bible stories.

Late into the evening we spent time with 75 missionary and local students teaching their youth group and singing worship songs with them. It was a very long day...but so meaningful. Please keep praying for strength and energy to embrace the next day's challenges. Thanks!