HS Students 40 Days

Week 2!

I hope everyone found Week 1 to be helpful and encouraging as we continue to dive deeper into an understanding of God's compassion! This week, we will turn our attention to helping those in need and how we can show true compassion that has a positive effect on the world around us. The tricky part of this discussion is that, when helping people in severe need, "helping" can easily become "enabling", which ultimately doesn't help at all in the long run. This week, we will be looking at the differences between the to, what the Bible has to say about them, and hopefully we will grow even more in our understanding as we develop an attitude of compassion toward the world around us! 

Keep going strong with the devos! I know you won't regret the time you commit to them! And if you are joining us this week, feel free to jump in here at week two, or skim back through last week's studies. We're glad to have you all on board and I'm confident that this 40 Day challenge will have a lasting effect on your life as you seek to reflect Christ to your world!

Much love

- Chris