HS Students 40 Days


Well we are starting our 40 Days of Compassion study and you can find the daily devotionals right here on this page! Our hope is that you all will commit to spending just a couple minutes each day, for the next 40 days, learning a little bit more about the compassion of God and how it plays out in your own life!

These posts are designed to help you think through some of the different aspects of God's compassion and learn how to let them shine through you so that the world around you will see the great love of God! Each week, there will be six daily posts for you to check out - make sure to check back here every day! Each post will be labeled by week and day (for example: week 1 - day 1) so that whether you're in JRH or HSM, it will line up with your weekly schedule immediately after you hear the 40 Days of Compassion message each week!

I really hope that this next 40 days is a blessing to you and that you learn more and more about the great compassion of God! Looking forward to hearing how this goes for you all!

- Chris