HDC Students

Twenty-Sixteen Here We Come

Student Ministries is excited to kick off 2016 with a bang. We will be taking students through the entire bible in our weekend services this year. The year long series entitled “The Story” will be a zoomed out view of the bible. It is our hope and desire that students will be able to have a general understanding of the meta-narrative in the text so they can effectively change their relational world that God has placed in their sphere of influence.

We are looking forward to so many other things this year as well. We have more students going on missions projects this year than any other year in the history of HDC. We are taking Junior High students on a missions trip for the very first time. Our teams of volunteers have never been better. Summer camp is quickly approaching. Summer events are going to be epic.

This year is going to be epic and we want your family to be a part of it. We anticipate God moving in incredible ways in the families at HDC. Join us in a weekend service. Get connected in a small group. Jump into student ministries 2016, you won’t regret it!