HDC Students

The Value of a Shared Experience

School's out!  Your vacation is around the corner.  Your student is already driving you crazy because they are bored and have nothing to do.  The day is coming when you get to ship them off to summer camp and get a week of peace and quiet.  We at High Desert Church love summertime.  As our small groups have finished for the year, we want to continue to provide your students opportunities for meaningful relationships.

All of our campus's offer summer events for students with the main goal being relationships.  In today's culture, students do longer trust authority figures in their life.  A healthy relationship in which truth can be spoken must be earned.  We can no longer demand respect from students based on position, title, or proximity.  We as a staff, both paid and volunteer, want to have a shared experience with your student.  Shared experience's develop rapport, respect, and connection.

Learning to communicate and understand your student begins at the ground level.   Rapport means that you have a harmonious relationship with them in the things they like to do.  So when we plan events, we plan events that students will enjoy.  We want to laugh, run, skate, crash, and relax with your student so we can begin to understand who they are and how God uniquely designed them.

Respect is earned.  I remember my small group leader and I mixing concrete together in Mexico for four hours straight.  He earned my respect with an activity so basic.  I watched him work hard, not complain, and make the time go by with stories and jokes.  On that trip, we didn't have many meaningful conversations but one night after a weekend service he called me out a few things.  He called me to be a better listener and show more respect to my peers.  

Shared experiences provide emotional and physical connection.  The culture we operate in is slowly moving towards valuing experience over stuff.  They are spending their money on doing rather than having and they want to have experiences in community.  This is a great shift that we are seeing and we believe it is a good's thing because relationships can flourish in this environment.  

Sign your student up for an event this summer.   You won't regret connecting them to people which will eventually connect them to church.