HDC Students


I remember switching from Kindergarten to 1st grade and being so nervous to use the bathroom that I urinated in my pants multiple times.  Transitioning to middle school from elementary, I was so nervous that I would go to the wrong class or be tardy and get detention.  In high school, I dreaded lunch.  Where do I sit?  Who do I sit with?  Do I study? Do I make friends?  So much awkwardness and to add it up an older sister who wanted to see me fail in every transition. Transitions are hard.


Transition happens.  You, as a parent know this.  You have probably changed houses, jobs, gotten married, had kids.  You have developed some sort of coping process for when change happens.  Your student on the other hand is just beginning the process of understanding how to react to change and how to leverage it for World-Change, personal growth, and maturity.


Our purpose should always be on the front of our minds and God wants to use us in the midst of transitions.  Remind your student of a time when God worked in the midst of a transition you had.  Don’t downplay the hardness of what your student is going through.  Don’t tell them to tough it out but to rely on the strength that can only be found in Jesus.