HDC Students

Please Come Back.

You probably went to church for the first time in a while last weekend. Easter Weekend at HDC was epic yet again: Great music, great teaching, great kids programs, and great people.   I love that our church places so much importance on the resurrection because it is so foundational to our faith. Did you walk away from the service excited, confused, convicted, or maybe all three? 

If you left excited, that’s great!  You encountered God at Easter in a very special way, maybe it was during worship, maybe it was the message, or maybe it was the relationships.  All these things are incredible, except the excitement has already worn away.  You are back to the grind of getting your kids to do homework, going to work, finishing household projects. I want to encourage you that the Christian life is about finding joy in the mundane.  Keeping the excitement of a special weekend means building habits into your life that draw your family to Jesus.  Some ideas for you are:  family devotions, family prayer, family fun days, family game days. 

If you left confused, that’s great! Confused at why your life is the way it is and how you got to where you are now.  Confused at why your kids aren’t listening to you anymore.  Confused on how to wake up from your sleeping.  Confused at why people sing and talk about Jesus.  God’s Word says that if you seek, you will find.  I would encourage you to seek.  Don’t let your questions go unanswered another day.  Information can lead to transformation and you need to take a step or two that will draw you and your family to Jesus.  A few ideas for you are:  Taking a Lifepath class – The Basics of Christian Growth starts up April 18th, Get connected to a small group, meet up with a pastor at HDC. 

If you left convicted, that’s great!  God may have revealed to you some areas in your life that you have been sleeping through.  You haven’t been honest with your spouse.  You have been short with your kids.  You haven’t been spending alone time with Jesus.  Don’t go another minute without waking up.  Go read Ephesians 5:14-20.  Paul challenges you to wake up, and then he continues with some advice for Christian living.

We hope to see your family this weekend!  Find a campus.  Find a service.  Make it a priority because we would love to see you each weekend!