HDC Students

Ephesians Series

We are at a fun point in our weekend messages because we have the opportunity to stay in step with the adult services. Every week the passage you hear preached in one of our main auditoriums is the same passage your student gets the opportunity to hear from one of there youth leaders. By doing this we hope to accomplish a few things:

  1. Work through a book of the bible with our students.

Our world can be so transitional at time from new phones to hectic schedules, it is reassuring to have something like our Lord and scripture to hold on to. As we continue through the book of Ephesians on Sunday mornings we hope our students can catch onto the idea that regardless of what culture tells us, the word of the Lord will stand forever and remain applicable regardless of the era in which it was written.

  1. Stay in step with parents.

We want you to get the opportunity to really discuss what was talked about on a Sunday morning and give you a chance to give clarity to any questions your students may have. Because the same scripture was discussed we hope you will utilize the family question that is on the bottom of our weekend handouts to continue a conversation about what they learned with your kid. Church is a place for us to get geared up for the week, to learn, to study, to grow, but real change is made during the week.

  1. Approaching God’s word.

When your students graduate from High School we do not want the bible to be something that is scary or intimidating. Be continuing to look at the bible as a tool that the Lord has given us rather than a dusty paper weight we are showing them that there is great value in reading and applying the word of God.