HDC Students

Summer Camp

Summer Camp is coming! We are so excited for summer camp that we are putting on an event to get a glimpse of summer camp. Wednesday, February 25th at 7pm on the VV campus we are putting on summer camp for a few hours. This will be a great place to bring a friend who has never been to summer camp or doesn’t know what summer camp is. For more information and details on camp check out hdd.mobi/camp.

Camp Is…

GOSPEL - The message of Jesus will not just be a tag on for camp. It will be consistently mixed into the entire week of the camp experience. Students will be given multiple opportunities to respond to Jesus alongside their cabin mates and counselor.

WORSHIP - Indoors, outdoors, corporate and devotional worship is a huge element of camp. Students will be saturated with the attitude of worship from sunrise to sunset. God is ever present at camp because so many distractions are removed.

RELATIONSHIPS - From making new friends to solidified old ones to having an adult trained counselor loving and encouraging them for an entire week, relationships will happen at camp. God designed us to live in community and this is the best avenue for the good news of Jesus to spread.

FUN - Yep, that’s right, I said it! Camp is fun. We let kids be kids. For an hour a day students will participate in organized high-energy games. This is an outlet for their energy, while at the same time providing counselors a chance to encourage team building and leadership skills. The walls that are broken down on the recreation field and activities throughout the day are a direct correlation to the walls that are breaking down in chapels and cabin discussions.