HDC Students

If you don't guide them, someone will.

Dating is new, stressful, awkward, and emotional for not only your teenager but also for you. You know this, what you may not know is that your teenagers are expecting guidance and direction from you in this process. You’ve seen the rolling eyes, the contorted faces, and the awkward look-away’s. They will consistently tell you and act like they are not listening or watching you, but I promise they are listening; they want direction; they need guidance. As a parent, you are the number one influence in their life. Don’t let their responses stop you from talking to them!

Talking to teens about dating, sexuality, and marriage is one of the most daunting but affirming tasks that you face in our over-sexualized society. I want to give you a few topics that you should be talking to your teen about. This is not a complete list by any means but can be a good start for you.

1) God’s Design for man and a woman. Giving teens a clear picture of what God wants is so important. This gives them something to chase after and attain not just have fear, guilt, and shame towards the things they shouldn’t do. God loves relationships. God loves marriage. God loves sex. These are good things. Students are hit with so many deviations from God’s plan on a daily basis; are you providing them with God’s picture of marriage and sex? Do you trust God enough to give him your relationships and sexuality?

2) Repentance. Fight to create a safe place with your student so they feel comfortable to confess their sin and you offer complete grace and forgiveness. Your home should be a place of constant grace and forgiveness. Some of you are reacting to information you found out or discovered on your kids phone or computer. They feel worse about their sin than you feel about it. Jesus forgave you and your past, forgive your kids and help them move toward pursuing Christ. Romans Chapter 6 is a great chapter to discuss with your student when it comes to repentance and living in sin.

3) Pornography & Masturbation. We live in an over-sexualized culture with pornography a click away. You are after your student’s heart and motivation with this topic. Putting good boundaries and standards in place to help them is important. Good information and communication can lead to transformation of your student’s heart. Covenant Eyes and XXX church are both great resources that can help you.