HDC Students

Moving On: A Letter from Kevin

Dear Students and Parents,

On Tuesday, I announced to our students that this will be one of my last weeks at High Desert Church. The past few years have been one of the biggest blessings of my life, but it is now time to take the next step in my journey. To that end, I have accepted a position at a church in Orange County and my last day at HDC will be Tuesday, September 30.

To say that this transition is bittersweet would be a serious understatement. HDC is home. It’s where I grew up, where I was a Junior Higher, where I fell in love with God, and where my call to ministry was confirmed and fostered. The decision to move on has not been easy. This is not a case of me leaving; rather, I am responding to what I believe to be God’s strong call.

I have all the confidence in the world in the leadership that will continue to care for our students and families. I couldn’t ask for a better team to step up in this transition than the one we have. I have full confidence that the experience of JRH you have received in my two plus years at HDC won’t skip a beat. Logistically, our High School team will step in to help on the weekends and with counseling and Todd Arnett, our Victorville Campus Pastor, will be assuming leadership on Tuesday nights until a replacement is found.

I would love to share the heart behind this transition, so please, take time to stop me and ask. It has been such a pleasure doing life with you. This isn’t goodbye forever, just for now. I’m stoked beyond belief to spend eternity with all of you.

To my students, I want to let you know that words can’t express just how much you mean to me. Thank you for encouraging me to love God more. Thank you for random dance parties, bus breakdowns, trips to San Francisco, putting up with my singing, countless selfies, and most importantly, for letting me teach you about God. Continue to pursue Him. He loves you more than you can ever imagine.

With Christ’s Love,

Kevin Zimmerman

JRH Director, Victorville Campus