HDC Students

Here We Go!!

The time has finally fallen upon us, school has started! If you are a student that means the time of no responsibility and random spur of the moment beach trips are over. If you are the parent of a student, it means the real work has begun. Your students have school every morning at hours that can make even the strongest man weep as if he just finished the last ten minutes of Old Yeller. But thankfully, we at HDC have kicked off our student small groups! This is a great time for your students to be able to connect with others and create relationships that will help them through the school year. The guys here at HDC Students have done a great job bringing together an awesome group of leaders who are ready to invest and love on your students in order to help them grow in their walk with Christ. Another perk from small groups is that you as the parents get a night where you can send off your students for an hour and a half and go treat yourself to a movie, dinner or even a night at home enjoying a cup of decaf coffee. If you haven’t signed your student up for a small group yet call us up here at HDC and we’ll point your student to the right group!