HDC Students


I am big fan of routine, I like it, it makes me feel safe. It makes me feel like even if the entire world were crashing down around me, Chicken Little was correct and the sky was falling and my kids dumped all of their toys into the middle of the living room at once I would be okay. Because I have a routine, an order in which things are supposed to be done.

Getting off of our summer calendar is always a relief to me, not because I don;t like the things we do or because I don’t think they are valuable (they are) I am just a huge fan of knowing what each do hold simply because it is that day. My kids, they thrive on routine. They know before bed their things have to be picked um, they have to wash their faces and hands, brush their teeth, go tinkle on the potty, change their clothes and get into bed. As soon as one part of the routine breaks, it seems that my kids do also. They get more accomplished, they can mentally prepare themselves for what is next.

I hope this school year is finding a rhythm and a groove for you. I hope you settle into routine and part of that routine is connecting with God first and your family second. The more I walk with God the more I realize that my mode is different when I connect with Him, my heart is different when it is plugged into His, my family deserves for me to be plugged in and I pray and hope that you strive to plug in. Now, go rock the face off this school year and routine it up.

Peter Anderson Apple Valley Campus