HDC Students

New Weekend Series: Switch

June is here! And with it comes a new weekend Series. This entire month we we are going to call our students to SWITCH the way they view themselves. We will discuss who culture tells us to be and then look back to who God has made us to be. By holding these questions in contrast with one another, we can ask the question, ‘whose approval will we seek?’ By looking at these questions, our hope is that we can recapture our purpose to change the world. You students won’t want to miss Switch. This series will be broken down into three unique messages/weeks.

Week #1—Who are people telling you to be? (June 7/8th)

Our culture continues to sell the idea that the good life is found in ourselves. If we could just be more beautiful, more popular, or more successful then everything would be perfect. We are constantly sold this idea, however, were we really created to be the center of the universe? Or will this approach just leave us empty?

Week #2—Who has God made you to be? (June 14/15th)

If the good life isn’t found in our beauty, fame, or success then where do we find life? John 4 answers this question really clearly for us. Life is found in the person of Jesus. When we dive into him, we realize he IS the good life.

Week #3—Whose approval will you seek? (June 21/22nd)

The next question is how do we live in this tension between culture and Christianity? The common saying is that we need to be in the world but not of the world. What we really need is to be “in the world and changing the world.”