HDC Students

Commune Living

My wife Sarah and I (Peter) moved to apple Valley almost a year ago. The hardest thing about moving to the High Desert was that we moved further away from our families. I haven’t lived at home since I was 18 so it wasn’t as difficult for me to move further away, only because since I got married I was a minimum of an hour from my mom’s home. Sarah’s family quickly turned into my family as well, once we were married I was quickly accepted into the fold. I love that family for adopting me in before I even said, “I do.” I also am a fan of them because I took their daughter and 3 grandchildren 4 hours from their front door and I lived to tell about it.

My preference would be to have my friends and family all live together in a sweet little commune where we grew our own corn and mashed our own hand picked potatoes. All the kids would wear burlap sacks for clothes because none of us would work and we could just hug all the time. Fortunately God protects us from that kind of life.

I’m not saying living in a commune is bad, it may be awesome, if we have many more kids thats what our house will turn into. But God called Sarah and I away from comfort, away from family, away from friends to live in a desert that is windy, windy, windy, every single day. Truth is, I didn’t even know Apple Valley existed before I started talking with High Desert Church about my employment, that being said, God called and we hesitated, hesitated, hesitated, until finally he metaphorically kicked us into our present, God trusting situation.

i don’t know what God has for us in the desert, I hope its not to wander for 40 years, and I hope it is something beyond my wildest dreams. I am positive we are exactly where God called us to be, how rad is that? My hope is that my kids realize why we did what we did. It may not be today or tomorrow, but I want to be able to loo back and show my kids the sign posts in our life where we said yes to God. These are naturally built in teachable moments where our faith is expressed through our actions.

I would encourage you, as parents, to do the same; find the sign posts in your life, write them down, share with your students when and where your faith became real. Be honest with them, because at this stage of their life, they know you aren’t perfect, so leverage that to show them where God gave you grace. It doesn’t have to be a time when you moved your entire family to some unknown place on the map, it can be as simple as when you started to pray more or when you began to tithe on a regular basis.

Express God’s grace through your actions, and talk to your kids about it.