HDC Students

Summer Camp

Summer Camp is coming and we hope you have signed your student up. We are eagerly awaiting the week of summer camp in both our JRH and HS ministries. It is difficult to sum up the value of camp because it does so many things for the student, so I have collected my thoughts and here are two of the highest values of camp that I have seen over my years in youth ministry:

Relationships We talk about relationships all the time at HDC and how God continually uses them to reach people for the Gospel of Christ. Summer camp provides an opportunity for students to take responsibility for their relationship with God without the influence of the normal day to day experiences. We are committed to taking our students to a camp where the Gospel will be preached clearly and opportunities will be given to students to respond. Many of our students relationships may be unhealthy, broken, and/or stressful. Summer camp is a great place to restore these with the sole purpose of the message of Jesus moving forward.

Fun Yep, that's right, camp is fun and we aren't afraid to say it. In fact we are proud and unashamed of the fact that camp is fun. We have seen the trends of increased busyness in the life of 13-18 year olds. Students today sense the need to constantly be in touch with their network and extended networks while still keeping up with satisfying parents and educators needs. This isn't new to you that technology has changed the way we communicate. Camp is a step towards disconnection from technology and uses the classic face to face conversation to create fun. Conversations during meaningful and fun activities creates memories that will last a lifetime. You are probably thinking of a summer camp memory right now. We were meant to live together and camp provides a place for students to put away their phone and ear buds and connect with God and people.

Would you be in prayer for our students who are at camp this summer? (James 5:16) It is the week of June 29th - July 5th. Pray that God would do some amazing things in our students that would ignite them for worldchange back in their homes.