HDC Students

Summer is Upon Us!

With Easter week behind us here at student ministries we are now looking towards the summer. Summer for us means the ABS and Tribes break which is great for our leaders and all of those who have put in the work to make ABS the great event that it is. However, since ABS and Tribes will not be going the weekend services now become so much more crucial for the students. Weekend services are a great time for students to come together and fellowship with each other. It’s a chance for friends to connect on a weekly basis and keep each other in check. With the addition of camp and the mission trip, these next 4 months are a great time for students to make new relationships as well, which will then carry on into the next season of ABS and Tribes.

Accountability and relationship also starts in the home. It is surprising, but most students would love to know that their parents are interested in what is going on in their spiritual journey. If a climate of spiritual formation is happening at home then it will come naturally to the student when they come to any event we have whether it is JRH or HSM. So our challenge to you is to not take a break in the summer, but take this opportunity to invest into your students life.