HDC Students

March Is Here

March is here and that means a new weekend series at HSM and JrH. We had a blast in February with your students in our “Kiss and Tell” sex/dating series. As always, our goal is that the discussions started in our programs are carrying over into your homes. We hope that you can use last month’s series as a springboard to talk to your student about God’s goals for relationships.

In March, we will be launching our new series titled, “Season in the Minors.” The Minor Prophets of the Old Testament are generally a section that we try our very best to skip over (mostly because we can hardly pronounce the names of all the books). However, these books provide us huge insight into how to love, trust, and follow God. In each of the next five weeks, we will take one of the Minor Prophets and try to understand what God is telling us through their stories.

One the biggest reasons why we think these Old Testament books are important for our students to learn is because they help give use a far clearer picture of Jesus. Often times we just think that Jesus enter the scene two-thirds of the way through the Bible at the beginning of the New Testament. However, that’s not the case. Jesus enters the story with a rich background and foundation strongly built. He is found all throughout the Old Testament and just continues into the New. Part of knowing Jesus is learning that back-story.

Each of the Minor Prophets we will cover goes to great length to show the need for “someone greater.” There is this anticipation that builds each week for someone to set-to-right all that is wrong with the world. Each prophet cries out for someone to change their world. Our hope is that our students can recognize the solution to that problem is Jesus.

The greatest part of all of this is that after Jesus changes the world he invites us to do the same. He invited us all to be prophets declaring that the world is forever changed. Rather than asking for asking for a better world like the prophets had to, we can be actively involved in creating the world that Jesus desired.