HDC Students

Getting Old

I am about to turn 29, I think this is the last year where I will consider myself young. The good news is there are a lot of positives with growing up;

  1. Gray hair
  2. Leaving your turn signal on and no one caring
  3. Naps at 10 am, going to bed at 6 pm

Granted I have a long way to go until any of those dreams of mine are indeed a reality, I am excited about my ascent to sagehood. My whole life I have looked up to men who were older than me who had lived through the beat downs that life had offered. I have always wanted a friend to garner the wisdom that elderly gentlemen seem to exude with every passing day.

Proverbs says this: “The glory of young men is their strength, gray hair the splendor of the old.”

I have got to say I am excited to lose my strength and gain some wisdom. To me it is no match, don’t get me wrong I don't want to lose any of my physical prowess, but wisdom seems so much more sweet. Now that you are most likely on the good side of wisdom, what is it that you are intentionally passing on to you r student? I have been learning recently that your attentiveness may be the most important thing to others, students even more so. Are you imparting your wisdom by being attentive?

I know for me, my cell phone loves to get attention, it sits in my pocket waiting for the minute I will gaze upon its glorious blue screen, but I have more important things to tend to, like passing on my wisdom, life lessons, and attentiveness to my kiddos who don't care what my friends from High School are posting to Facebook.

29 is a far cry from being a sage, but it is the year I want to reap as much wisdom as I can garner through the men God has placed in my life and at the same time try to draw towards others to impart the little I have to offer to others. Are you drawing near and imparting to your student?