HDC Students

Happy New Year

Happy New Year from the student ministries team at HDC. We are so excited to continue into 2014 partnering with you as you raise your student(s). With the New Year comes a new start, and this year is the perfect time to start a new line of communication with your student(s).

So to kick off the 2014 HDC Student s Blog, here are 5 things your student(s) needs to hear from you in 2014.

1 “I am proud of you…”

Our students are trying so hard not to disappoint us. While it doesn’t always seem that way, our students constantly talk about how tired they are of letting their parents down. Before we can correct our students, we need to tell them the things they are doing right. Celebrate the victories, before you discuss the losses.

2 “I love you…”

We know you love your students, but sometimes they just need to hear it. Make I love you a part of your daily vocabulary. Start and end the day with it, because they cannot hear it enough.

3 “I am listening…”

All of our students are struggling with the need to be heard. As they mature into adulthood, they have opinions, ideas, and frustrations that need to be heard. Whether or not you agree with their conclusions, they still need heard. Let your student know that it is safe to talk to you. Show them that you can listen and not judge them. Create the environment.

4 “I believe in you…”

We all want our students to succeed. Saying “I believe in you” helps communicates that they can accomplish more, but it does it in a positive way that calls them to something greater. Let your student know that you think they can hang the moon.

5 “I am here for you…”

Lastly, create a safe place that they can return to in failure. Our students will fail, that is just part of life. Let them know that you are there to help pick up the broken pieces. Become a support and an aid when they need you. By saying “I am here for you…” when things are going well, you set yourself up to be there when things aren’t going great.