HDC Students

Your Home's Culture

When I was a Junior in High School I started going to morning practice for my water polo team. We had to be in the pool by 6am, practice until 7 and then back in the pool once school was out for another 2 hours. It was rigorous, I had to wake up at 5am my Junior and Senior years of High School just to make sure I was at practice on time. Every single morning as I was walking out the door I remember my mom sitting in our dining room with her bible open studying scripture.

My dad was different, I didn’t see him open his people every morning, but I listened to the conversations he had with people. I remember the conversations we had, he was intentional about asking me questions that mattered. He asked me questions that made me be introspective, which for a high school student, at times, can be hard. They both loved Jesus very much, from each of them I learned very different things regarding God and what was expected of me as a Christ follower without even cracking my bible.

Kevin referenced this in a previous post about tings being “caught” rather than taught, I don’t think we can talk enough about you following Jesus to the best of your ability and how much that means in the life of your student. I talk to people who want to know how to make sure their student is making wise choices, I would start by making sure that you, as their parent, are making wise choices. Today my 4 year old told his mom she is the most beautiful person in the whole world, he didn’t hear that from Mickey, he heard it from me. Your kid is watching you, your interactions, your habits, the way you talk to people, the way you drive, the way you read and study scripture, are you who you want your kid to be?

I don’t always act in a way that allows my kids to be better people, but when I am wrong I ask for their forgiveness, when they are wrong I ask for theirs. When they do something that glorifies God we celebrate, when they sin we ask God to forgive them. We want to create a culture in our home that allows our kids to catch as much as possible.

What culture are you allowing your kids to catch?