HDC Students

Unconditional Love

Welcome to the new Student Ministry Blog at High Desert Church.  We are excited that you are here and we want to take a few minutes to explain the purpose and audience of this content.  High Desert Church exists to prepare every generation to change their world for Christ.  Throughout biblical history, God has utilized the "extended family" as His primary target for evangelism. That group of close relationships, which we refer to as your "world," is identified as your oikos (the Greek term for "household") in the New Testament. On the average, it is made up of anywhere from eight to fifteen people whom God has supernaturally and strategically placed in your direct sphere of influence. Our ministry is designed to prepare individuals to effectively engage their "eight to fifteen," their oikos, with the good news of God's grace.

The student ministry team at High Desert Church believes that our students are the church of today and that parents are the primary faith trainer for their student.  This blog is intended for parents of teenagers.  Our youth staff has over 20 years of youth ministry experience.  We love working with teenagers!  We love their youthful passion and excitement for the world around them.  We want this passion to go with them when they graduate from High School.  The purpose of this blog is to provide truthful, helpful, and relevant content that will help parents prepare their teenager to change their world for Christ.  We know that life with a teenager is hectic, busy, and often self-centered, but please stop by this blog for helpful tips and encouragement as you parent your teenager.

There is not much of a chance a teen will want to tell anyone about God’s love if they aren’t convinced that God loves them.  The most powerful and lasting motivator we can give kids to change their world is having their own world changed first by the gospel of Jesus Christ.  The first thing we want to encourage you with is to unconditionally love your kid through their teenage years.  Show them love.  Show it often.  Love them in front of their friends.  Love them in front of the family. (Mark 12:30)  Make sure you know that your love does not go away or diminish in the midst of their failures.  Don’t let them connect their actions and/or failures with the departure of your love. A good way you can do this is to better recognize if you are reacting to your students because you are annoyed or angry.  Some of the biggest blow-ups in your house are probably fueled by your annoyance with their behavior not necessarily their sin.  If you lose your cool more than ever during their teenage years, it will be the lasting memory they have of you.  (I John 3:18)