HDC Victorville | Christmas Baptisms

Vicki Bonfoey

Vicki Bonfoey.png

The only sins I had, were that I wanted to die so I wouldn’t suffer any longer in this life of mine. I tried to kill myself 2 times.

My life was a living hell I was beaten for 35 years of my life by my husband. I didn’t know how to love or be loved. I didn’t care about anyone, the only ones I cared for was my children even though I was not allowed to correct or punish them. So they ran over me and had no respect for me.  My life was bad and nobody deserves that kind of life I had.

How I became a Christian was because of my cousin Shelley, her husband, Dusty and my grandkids that live with her. They offered to let me live with them after my husband passed away. We started going to church on Sundays, and I started enjoying it. I started looking forward to Sundays. Also Dusty helped me learn about being saved and all the scriptures needed to know. Between church readings, Shelley, Dusty, and the kids I have learned how to be loved and how to love others. Now I live with my grandkids and I have a loving family. I know they love me as I love them. Now I love Jesus and have received him as my Lord and Savior.  After all these years I can now call myself a Christian.

Now that I know Jesus I feel whole and complete. I feel loved, which was hard for me. My childhood was not a good one.  A bad marriage of 35 years, all the while being abused. If I tried to leave he would hold the kids until came back. So I stayed and suffered through. Even though I would love to have been loved. Then my cousin Shelley, her husband and my grandkids saved me and I have been reborn in Jesus Christ.