HDC Victorville | Christmas Baptisms

Vanessa Heredia

Vanessa Heredia.png

Hello, my name is Vanessa I am 15 years old and I have been a Christ follower growing up, throughout my life my parents got a divorce and it separated me from the lord. My uncle invited me to his church which was HDC Victorville when I was in 4th grade. Ever since I had a connection with the people there at church and the vibes around the campus as well. I have been going ever since, I asked my mom to take me to church when my uncle or grandma couldn't take me. I helped my mother grow closer to Christ, the lord has helped her with everything in the past. Once 2017 hit, I wanted to help out in the church, once I became of age I wanted to become a leader for the elementary children. But, the real reason why I want to get baptized is because ever since the divorce with my parents my father always thought of me differently. He cheated on my mother and left us in the dust, he took everything from us.  I always wanted to see my mother happy. I was scared to own up to him and say how i truly felt, but once I did he didn't take that so well. His words would break my heart, I would self-harm before, even tried to take my own life. He would bring me down with any words he could think of. He made me feel as if I was worthless. I told my uncle that I just do not want to go to church, he didn't know what I was embarrassed of and was scared of which was my scars on my arm. I didn't know how the church would take it. I was in 7th grade at the time when my father would bring me down daily but one day, something clicked and something inside of me told me to go to church. I went with my uncle and the topic was about depression and how God is always there for you. I wanted to follow Christ at that moment and everything in my heart and soul makes me want to follow in the steps of the lord. I didn't get baptized before because I didn't get the concept of what baptism really was, now as a leader of a 2nd grade small group I grew closer to the lord. I went to camp this year also, and that cabin of girls will always have a place in my heart. I learned a lot about myself and about Christ, I learned about baptism and asked my nation leaders about it also. I am truly ready to follow the Lord.