HDC Victorville | Christmas Baptisms

Tracy Travis

Tracy Travis.png

1. What led me to understanding that I need Christ to take away my sins was what I read in the Bible and what I learned going to church and Sunday school. 


2. Before giving my life to Jesus.... this is tougher to answer because I was young, so there wasn't much "life" before. However, without Jesus there is no hope. Worldly hope isn't really hope at all, and without Jesus I would be totally lost! 


3. I grew up going to church, and in Elementary school went to a church camp. I gave my life to Jesus there because I knew that I needed to not only believe in Jesus but to ask him into my heart, ask him to take away my sins, and truly begin to follow him by my decision. It was at camp that I made those decisions to choose to follow him. 

(Our church at the time did not do water baptisms, only baby dedications and confirmation in middle school) 


4. The camp counselors and leaders helped me to understand how to ask Jesus into my heart. 


5. Having Jesus in my life gives me peace & hope! 


This world is crazy!!! Although I don't understand sometimes the world and things that go on in it, I do understand that as long as I know Jesus everything will be ok!