HDC Victorville | Christmas Baptisms

Stephanie Gilbert

I have always gone to Catholic church from a young age and was baptized as a baby. When I had my own children, Catholic church wasn't for them we visited different places and found a home in HDC 5 years ago. Here at HDC I realized more of the reason why you put your faith in God ... More about how to become a better me, walking more with faith in God.  Seeing the effects on me and even the changes in my children.  Each pastor here at HDC has touch my life and without even knowing has made me a better person.  I want to become more involved with HDC and be baptized here were I learned to put my faith in God. I remember my first time here at HDC 5 years and hearing Pastor Tom explain the ABC's and I remember crying ... After service that night I picked up my kids from children's service and they were so happy and loved the church, I knew we had found a church home. I had never thought to be re-baptized as I was baptized as a baby however know that I know what it really means to be baptized I can't wait to show my oikos that I have chosen to walk with God as an adult with knowledge in what water baptism really means.